Posted on: May 17, 2009 2:21 pm

Fire Clint Hurdle?! I think not . . .

Shame on you, Mr. Paige. Everyone is so quick to point the finger instead of trying to walk a mile in that person's shoes. You certainly couldn't and wouldn't do better than Clint Hurdle, and I'll venture to say you'd do far worse. We have become an instant gratification society, and we want everything now. Baseball doesn't work that way, never has and never will. Are the players complaining or standing by their skipper. From what I've read, seen and heard, they stand by him. That should be reason enough for us to stand behind him, and behind the Rockies as well. Who among us are able to step into their shoes and go out and play with the best in the game on a daily basis. If we have a bad day or even a bad week at work, should we get canned?! Do you think this approach should become the status quo? How about some positive thoughts as well as support and faith in our Rockies. Why don't we try that instead. Changes are being made, improvements are taking place, albeit a little here and there at a time, they are happening nonetheless.

Clint Hurdle and the Rockies need our support, patience and faith--that's where it starts. Everything in this country has always had "We the people" as it's foundation. Nothing happens without "We the people", and the Rockies need to know that "We the people" love and support them because they allow us to live out our childhood fantasies vicariously through them each time one of them steps up to the plate to bat, or catches that fly ball, or makes that spectacular play that makes a highlight reel. Who are we to sit here and curse them for not living the dream as we want it to be--they don't wake up wanting to go 0-4 that day, but are they critizing us for getting into that traffic accident, or losing that deal, or failing to close a couple on that house?! No, because failure is part of life. What you do with it, and how you respond to it is what has continued to define us as individuals and as a species as a whole. What is it that helps us move on and be better for our mistakes--faith and patience. That feeds our confidence when it's been ripped to shreds. So stop blaming Clint Hurdle, and start supporting and believing in the Rockies.

You want to point a finger, Mr. Paige, do it looking in the mirror. I'd like to hear about the improvements that have been made, and the averages that have gone up, like Helton and Hawpe hitting in the top 15-20 in MLB. Tulo and Ianneta's avgs. going up by .050 already in the last 2 weeks, or Barmes looking like his pre-injury self. Your article does the same thing the press usually does to my fellow soldiers and what we do while we're deployed. You focus on the negative, and sometime even create the negative instead of telling the world about the positive. I'm a medic--I save lives, but there are still people who call me baby-killer. They don't know me, and my service gives them the right to voice their opinion. So which do you think we soldiers like hearing--negative, and untrue things like we're baby-killers ( I haven't even been overseas yet), or thank you and your family for the service and sacrifice you've all made. A little positive can go a long way, but a little negative can prove fatal, regardless of the intention behind it.

Baseball takes us away, for just a moment, from politics, religion, the state of our economy and the job market, and allows us all to just enjoy being Americans. Be thankful we have the Rockies, and Clint Hurdle to manage them, and maybe say thanks to them next time you're there to watch these very few who carry the dreams of all of us to the locker room each and every day, and strive to do their best just like the rest of us. They could be dead last, and I will still be grateful and thankful to be able to go to Coors Field and watch them play. You are charged with tremendous responsibility Mr. Paige, because so many people listen to and read your articles and blogs, etc. Try more positive and less negative for the good of your readers those whom your articles affect. Try thinking about those affected a little more as well. I don't think you'd want someone calling for your job and your firing because your articles are crap and a waste of paper (I'm not saying that, just using it as an example) although that is what you did to Clint Hurdle. Freedom is never free, sir, as a soldier for almost 10 years so far, and freedom of speech is more dangerous than a gun in someone's hand, if that freedom is abused, or it's potential to do harm or good isn't carefully weighed. I take what I do seriously; I wonder if you give your job and the content of your articles the same consideration. Rockies fans--support our team, have patience and faith in our team--two years ago we had faith when many said they didn't have a chance, and look what they accomplished. Give them a chance to capture the magic again--believe!!!
Posted on: April 29, 2008 1:11 pm

Nix got nixxed . . .

Well that was a sure turn around from the 2nd Base position battle that was waged and won by Jason Nix during Cactus League play for Spring Training. He won the position, by hitting and playing the position better than the rest. Then the regular season got underway, and Nix's bat went into hiding--what the heck happened to the guy?! Thank goodness for Clint Barmes. This was the break he needed to finally but his 2005 freak, off-the-field, season-ending injury behind him. He is showing signs that not only is he back, but he may be even better. In 2006, he was never able to regain his form, and then he lost his starting job to Tulowitzki in 2007. Now both he and Tulowitzki are starting, and playing right next to each other. The problems at 2nd base are now seemingly over, which leads to the only other apparent problem the Rockies have this year (they'll be hitting the cover off the ball soon enough, Rockies fans--have faith) . . . (see my next blog)
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